Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our Twins Have Arrived!

The twins were born tuesday at 39 weeks 2 days. 
Colt was 9 pounds 2 ounces and 19 3/4 inches.  Kade was 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches.  They arrived healthy and safely and with a bang and a lot of drama.  Sometime soon I hope to get the birth story written up for those of you who like to read about births.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Pregnancy Picture Update

Last week:

July 1st - 38 Weeks
 This week:
39 Weeks

39 Weeks
Hoping for the arrival of the twins to be soon!

Friday, July 3, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Weeks 21-26

I'm still here plugging slowly away at the challenges that Michelle has given us.

Week 21:  The Hall Closet/Bathrooms --  I finished washing our winter coats and put them away.  The kids helped attempt cleaning the bathrooms.  We tried to make sure the counters were extra clean, the toilets were scrubbed, and the floors were swept.

Week 22:  The Laundry Room/Mudroom --  I worked on making the shelves in the laundry room more efficient for now.  We also got 4 laundry baskets of different colors to help the kids sort their laundry and keep the mess of dirty laundry piles out of the main hallway through the house.  We are really liking this system.  We bought a pink basket for fancy or special wash clothes, a white basket for white clothes and linens, a green basket for colored clothes, and a blue basket for jeans or heavy duty dark clothes.  The people who are assigned to bring the dirty laundry to the laundry room sort it into the correct baskets and I can see at a glance what laundry is needing to be washed and dump it into the washer and move on.  Kent also helped by sweeping the laundry room floor.

Week 23:  The Linen Closet -- Since I rearranged the linen closet when we did the master bathroom I took the week off from the cleaning challenge.

Week 24:  The Porch and Deck -- Kent needed something extra to do, so I had him sweep the front porch, which had collected a lot of grass from some birds that were building a nest.  It looked much nicer after he finished.

Week 25:  The Yard -- The week this was assigned we didn't do anything in the yard, but I had a few things I've been wanting to do.  When my Dad and Mom came my dad mowed and mom and the kids weeded the front flower bed, and Jeff, Mom, and the kids weeded my gardens.  I went to Lowe's with Jeff, Dad, and the boys and picked out some marigolds, a tomato plant, and a basil plant.  Then Mom and the kids planted them they way I'd been wanting them to be planted.

Week 26:  The Storage Room/Attic -- I didn't do anything with these areas as we don't have a designated storage room and the Attic stores the Christmas tree and a wading pool.  The week before I did work on finishing the guestroom for my parents arrival.

Since I apparently didn't take many before and after pictures I'll leave you with this cute Quinn face.

Week 27's challenge is Clothes Storage:  I definitely have some work to do in this area, but I'm hoping the twins will be born very soon.  My mom and I did put clothes into the dresser for the twins yesterday.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Beginning of 2015-2016 School Year

We started back to school today.  We kicked off our new year with a trip to the library for program with Miniature Therapy Horses.  These horses are taken into nursing homes and rehabilitation centers where the residents get to connect with an animal which can have a soothing effect on many people. They can also jog good memories and help people open up and have a better day.

*Pictures taken on my phone.  I need to remember to take the camera with me for activities like this.

Friday, May 29, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 20 - Bedrooms 3+

This week has been the week to work on the other bedrooms in the house.  I helped Kaomi and Katy go through their drawers and take out the winter clothes so they have room for their summer clothes.  Now when I walk into their room if I see their drawers left open I know they didn't close it, rather than not being able to close it because they had more clothes than fit.

I decided to work in the nursery.  Clark helped me pick up the toys and I sorted them into go upstairs, put away downstairs, giveaway and of course left what was staying in the room for now.  I have a whole reuasable grocery bag full of items that either belong upstairs to other people or are being re-homed with like objects upstairs.  Then I vacuumed and Kaomi helped to move the furniture around.  I moved Quinn's bed to the other side of the room and grouped the nursery items more together.  This is still Quinn's room.  I had planned on him moving upstairs to adjust to Kent and Clark's room this month, but even though he sleeps fine in his toddler bed he still gets up at least once a night.  I don't want him to fall down the stairs when he is trying to come to visit Jeff and I in the middle of the night.  He hasn't slept through the night very often since he was born.  Maybe he'll learn eventually.

My nephew also came over and helped pull weeds from my gardens.  I'm beginning to think I won't get anything planted, but I don't want them to be full of weeds either.  Kent helped pull the weeds, too.

Week 21 - Hall Closet is the next challenge.  Since I already did our hall closet I'm supposed to clean the bathrooms.

Bonus Picture:  My husband and his helpers who set up the porta-crib a few weeks ago in our bedroom.

A Peek into Our Twin Pregnancy

So far everything has been going well and we hope it continues to go that way.  It's getting harder to move around comfortably, but sitting and laying aren't the most comfortable either.  I move around and change positions a lot.  We are hoping that the babies wait until the end of June to arrive after my Mom and Dad get here.  My mom wants to be here for their birth.

Earlier this week I had a sonogram and the babies are continuing to grow in keeping with their large size.  They are both head down.

They measured in at somewhere around 5# 15 oz and 6# 6oz.  Of course we won't know for sure how much they will weigh until they are actually born.

Here's a peek at one of them from this week.

One twin's ear and hand and face and hand

Here are some belly pictures from Mother's Day and the Sunday before Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Weekend      -33 Weeks w/twins
Mother's Day 2015    -31 Weeks w/twins

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Walk

Yesterday Katy needed to get her glasses fixed so we stopped at Walmart.  While I was checking out everyone else was seeing how many of them could fit on a bench.

Then on our way home we stopped and took a walk to see a road that has flooded over.  While we were walking it started to rain.