Friday, September 5, 2014

Kaomi's Birthday -2014

She turned 7 this week.  We took her to pick out a bicycle for her birthday on Labor Day. 

Special Place Setting
Happy 7th Birthday!
She had a bagel with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast.  Then we went outside so she could try riding her bike again.  We had a Frozen themed day.  We made snowmen while listening to the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"  Later we designed sparkly/icy necklaces with iridescent and glitter pony beads.  In the afternoon, I got the doll clothes out for their 18" dolls and the girls had fun picking out new outfits and accessories for their dolls to wear.  Then we had a snack of pink princess goldfish crackers.

After dinner, we had ice cream cake.  She wanted a strawberry cake, but I couldn't find good strawberry ice cream.  It was vanilla ice cream with strawberry filling.  Kaomi said it was good.

After she opened her presents from her brothers and sisters we went to the playground.  Grammy came by while we were there to wish Kaomi "Happy Birthday".  She left a present for Kaomi at the house.  It was a pink cowboy hat that she was very excited to receive.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From July 7th

Yesterday we worked on school, but took a break to go to the summer library program.  The library program was about colors.  The kids got to pick two colors of paint to mix in a ziplock bag and make a butterfly.  They came out really fun looking.  I hung them up in the window where the sun shines through in the late afternoon and evening and they looked really neat.

Before we went to the library Lissie and Clark were learning about Joshua fighting the Battle of Jericho.  We built the "city of Jericho" and they got to march around and knock the walls down.

Jeff thinks its crazy of me to keep a 2 ft. + stack of open egg cartons in the closet upstairs, but they are just perfect for building things for school.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

We got up early to go with Jeff to the 5K Liberty run in which he wanted to participate.  There were many participants.  Jeff thought there were somewhere around 400.  He raced well and came in 29th over all and was in 2nd in his age division. 

After the race, we went to the 4th of July parade in Denton.  Then we ate muffins on the square before we returned home.  In the evening we went to Jeff's brother's home and enjoyed visiting with family from both sides and had dinner together.  Several of us went to watch fireworks when it started to get dark.  This was the first year that we had 5 crying kids that wouldn't calm down, so Jeff and I took them to the van.  Kent got to stay with everyone else to watch the show.  We returned home tired from our busy day, but enjoying the freedoms we have in our country because of those who have been fighting for freedom long before our time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Return to School

We started back to school part time a couple weeks ago.  Now we are back to full days, three times a week.  This schedule leaves us with flexibility to participate in any other summer activities as they come along.  The kids and I are enjoying the daily routine that school adds to our week.  Here is the artwork that was completed last week.

Kent and Katy painted a tree with a leaf falling from it to go along with a poem by Jack Frost and Kaomi painted the ocean to go along with Columbus' first trip into the unknown.

This week I gave them "special" pencils to use leading up to the 4th of July.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clark's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Clark's birthday on Monday.  He wanted a "cars" birthday.

He was a little excited about his birthday this year.  He's been eagerly anticipating its arrival since February.  When he came out of his room first thing and he saw the balloon and his special place setting I heard him whisper, "It's my birthday!"  He was excited to have a bagel for breakfast.

After breakfast he played outside for a little while and then watched an episode of "Chuck and Friends"  Then we loaded up the van and picked up Aunt Cathy and the cousins and headed to a local park to play.

After we went to the park we came home and fixed lunch.  Clark wanted leftover mac and cheese and everyone else had ham sandwiches.  After lunch they made scenes with stickers from the movie Cars.  Then I read a couple books to Clark and everyone went to their rooms for quiet time.  During quiet time I decorated Clark's cookie cake.  After quiet time Clark wanted to watch the movie Cars.  Daddy and Clark went to get pizza for supper and then we had cake and presents.  Clark was so excited about all of his gifts.  I really enjoy this age when the anticipation for a present is high and the excitement is catching and the joy upon the gift received is fun to watch.  Grammy came over with Riley (dog) and brought Clark a present too.  After her visit, when she was leaving he told her thank you for the present all by himself.